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Why you should diversify your handmade marketplaces

lazy uk online handmade marketplace to buy and sell gifts and crafts

Now is the time to think about selling on a multiple handmade marketplaces.  You should start thinking about how you can expand your business.  There are many challenges which we face when trying to sell our products online such as high competition, saturated markets, high costs etc.  Right now, the sensible solution is to not rely on any single supplier, single courier or single marketplace.  Diversifying your channels can help you obtain the right prices, services and can help sell your products.

Selling on a handmade marketplaces to diversify and expand your markets

Sell on multiple handmade marketplaces

Many small traders sell on marketplaces and may sell more than one product, this could be cards, pottery, clothing and other items.  To reach a wider audience, you may need to sell on many different marketplaces.  Sticking with eBay, Amazon and Etsy may feel tempting but it may surely not reach everyone, everywhere, sticking to one marketplace is extremely limiting.  You shouldn’t just diversify your products and designs, but diversifying where you sell is essential. Although this can be challenging, Artrula makes this easy with our user-friendly store dashboard and notification system.

Artrula allows you tp open a free store with no subscription fees and low commission, checkout our selling on a handmade markeplace page.

Check out this great post from Cottonwick Candle Co for more information about other handmade marketplaces.

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