How to successfully sell using an online marketplace for handmade goods

Successfully selling on an online handmade marketplace

Why Create a shop

The world of retail is changing, with the large companies getting larger and the smaller individual and bespoke companies struggling to stay afloat.

So why should you create an online marketplace to sell your own handmade goods? Obviously, this isn’t the only way of selling your products. You could sell them on car boot sales or local fetes or fairs, or just selling in person.

There are pros and cons for all of the above, but let us concentrate on the pros for online marketplaces;

Firstly, the overheads are much lower than selling in-person. You will see higher profit margins due to lower or no potential costs of selling such as rent. You also have much more flexibility in your working days which gives you more time to be at your creative best, rather than setting up stalls or travelling. Your customer base is also so much larger, rather than reaching a small town, you could potentially reach out to the whole of the UK. It’s also more environmentally friendly and leaves a lower carbon footprint than a ‘bricks and mortar shop.

How to successfully sell using an online marketplace for handmade goods

When you open a shop you should definitely consider creating an eye-catching shop cover photo or image. This cover should be clear and stand out from the crowd. You may also have a company logo to upload to your shop page. A logo is used to identify you and/or your company.

If using photographs of sample products, you should consider good lighting and not be blurred or dark. 

As an artist and creative you give so much care and attention to your products so let’s help you design a store front end that can grab the attention of your potential customers.

The following free-to-use website can help you to design and good quality cover image and logo

Shop Cover Background Image

Canva Background Maker

Shop Logo Maker

Canva Logo Maker

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