Product Quota Upgrade

All of our stores will open with a quota of 30 products which you are allowed to upload.  When a store is opened we review the content of the store within the first 2 weeks or when products have been added.  Our reason for setting a product quota is to prevent an influx of products that do not fit our website market and do not meet our quality standards.

We upgrade product quotas free of charge, but your store must be reviewed before we increase your product quota.

Why do we have a product quota?

As more and more products are added to our website we would like to allow our shop owners to get the exposure that they need to sell products.  Every product is unique and our creators have spent a considerable amount of time making their beautiful pieces of art.  Our website can allow products to appear on the homepage or category sub homepages; for example, Cards, so that our shop owners have a better opportunity at making sales.

Quality is our main priority over quantity, we love every item. Artrula would like to make sure that each listing can express the quality of the product.

Product quotas are also set by many other marketplaces, eBay has an initial quota of 10 before you can upgrade.

Our Website Conditions

  • All products must be handmade.
  • Have you configured all aspects of your store?
    • Have you completed your profile?
    • Have you set up your shipping rates?
    • Have you added your Refund policy?
  • All products must have a short description and long description and be written to a good standard.
  • Product images must be clear and present the product well.
    • We offer a cropping tool that can make your image a perfect square which will appear nicely on our website.
    • We also post your products to our Facebook Page, Facebook Group and Instagram.  The quality of the image must be as best as it can be.
    • We can process images that are either very long in length or width so they are rendered correctly on our website.  We do however prefer square images as the processed images may have a grey border on the top+bottom or left+right.
  • Your store should have made some orders in the past 3 months.
  • Have you joined our Group on Facebook?
  • Do you share your products on your Facebook page or in groups?  We have made this simpler by including the social media links on your product page.  Click this link to automatically share your product on your social media.

Before we review your store and products, please make sure that you’ve completed all the steps in the following guide Store Setup Checklist.

Product quotas are increased in multiples of 25.  We will review your products on each quota upgrade request.